We are all walking our own unique paths in life, some of us live our whole lives lacking appreciation and being oblivious to the blessings bestowed upon us.

Take a minute and try to think of five blessings you have in your life.

Most of us would immediately think of our parents. Well that’s normal right? After all, they cared for us when we were young, they loved us unconditionally through our moody teenage years and always put our happiness first before their own.

Imagine what your life would have been like without them? It’s a heart-sinking thought.

Thousands of children all over the world have lost their parents due to different circumstances and thus have poor chances for a brighter future. Therefore, collectively, the Knightsway team decided to step in and make a change in the lives of orphans across the world.

We have decided to partner with the Orphans in Need charity and donate 50% of our profits from the sale of our bracelets and necklaces to them. Our goal is to raise £360, which would provide an orphan with food, clothing, medicine and education for a whole YEAR.

Weekly updates on the amount that has been raised would be given below:


Once we have reached our goal, we will post regular updates on how your money is being used to benefit the individual, alongside the names of all those that donated.

Give a child a chance.

Names of those who contributed to the donation fund:

Hamdi Ahmed

Mummina Rahman


Sanyha Akhtar

Farzana Basith